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When Do You Need a PA?

You can reach out to a PA when ANY type of damage has occurred to your home or business that has insurance. If you need help maximizing claim benefits or getting results faster, you can count on the REEM Public Adjusters to do just that for you. If you are hesitant to ask, give us a call and we will be sure to assist you with any questions you may have!


We only charge a small percentage (will vary depending on the type of claim) of the overall settlement and no payment is required until the SETTLEMENT and RECOVERY is made. We never would ask for an upfront payment because we only win when YOU win. We have competitive rates and will give you the best rate possible. However, our services are worth more than the money we charge because we will get your life back, faster, and with less doubt about how you will rebuild your home or business! You can always confide in us and we will always be have your back in the future.

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