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Our Process

Don't stress, let us handle your insurance company for you!

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FREE Consultation

We schedule a call finding out all relevant information about the claim you want to open or have already opened.

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FREE Inspection

Inspection of loss and property/inventory damage

Contract Paper Signing

Review of Insurance Policy

Making sure you have the proper coverage before signing a contract

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Documenting all the damage through detailed photos and records

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Estimate sheet of the loss and cost of repairs

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Sending Proper Documentation

Issuing a detailed list of the damaged property and inventory to the insurance company as early as possible


Maximum Benefits

Negotiating the maximum settlement possible for your loss

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Close the Claim

Arranging all of the paperwork and documents needed to close the claim and collect the settlement!

When Damage Occurs First...

Call REEM PA as soon as possible

DO NOT move or touch any of the damaged property and inventory

To prevent more damage, only move undamaged inventory to a safe place that has not been affected

Keep any damaged property and inventory where it is until pictures are taken at the scene

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